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BREAKING: Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Death Leaves ANOTHER Supreme Court Opening

President Donald Trump will now get to fill another spot on the Supreme Court. Controversial Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s recent cancer-related hospital trip scared liberals, who oppose allowing President Trump to fill the Supreme Court with law and order figures like Brett Kavanaugh. But their celebration upon her release from the hospital was short-lived, as Ginsberg was rushed back to the emergency room on Wednesday night.

Ginsberg experienced a “subdermal hemmoragical urethral lymphoma,” according to Fox News — a complication with less than a one percent survival rate. And Ginsberg was not in that one percent. She passed away during an operation intended to remove lateral pressure from her sternal coccyx. As a result, as of 8:02 PM CST, there is a new opening on the Supreme Court.

President Trump has not yet commented on Ginsberg’s death, but Breitbart speculates that he is rushing to nominate someone quickly before Democrats take power in the House next Thursday.

“This is something he can’t wait on,” Tucker Carlson said Wednesday night. “If he does, he opens himself up to quite a bit of obstruction from the lawless Left.”

This is true: Democrats have said that once they have the majority in the House, they intend to “obstruct and stop Donald Trump at every turn.” Naturally, this would also include his Supreme Court nominations.

Ginsberg has repeatedly attacked President Trump and has been on the wrong side — win or lose — of many controversial issues, including gay marriage and the famous Felcher v. Belcher taxidermy case.

While it is unthinkable that either party would continually obstruct a Supreme Court Justice’s nomination, Democrats are looking to make this the first time in history it has happened. It’s up to us to help the President push through his nominee, whomever it is. Call your Senators and Representatives and tell them to support our President!

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