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Obama’s Daughters Caught on Camera Burning US Flag at DC Protest

In a show of anti-American sentiment which will surprise precisely nobody , Sasha and Malia Obama were allegedly caught on camera burning a us flag during a protest in Washington, DC. Kneeling across the road from the White House, they were seen wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts and singing “Amazing Grace” while holding hands with other protestors.

But things took a turn for the more severe when riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the gang , all to clear the way for President Donald Jebediah Trump to waddle across the road for a photograph op ahead of a church he doesn’t attend, wave around a replica of a holy book he doesn’t read, and ramble sort of a psychotic dictator of a rustic he doesn’t love.Sasha and Malia had come to the protest equipped with military-grade gas masks, in order that they weren’t overcome by the tear gas that crippled numerous of their fellow protestors. They stood still ahead of the advancing police, trying to offer others an opportunity to flee the rubber bullets and tear gas.As the police shoved their way through the peaceful crowd, an enraged officer ripped an American flag out of the hands of a gaggle of highschool students who were standing silently, holding the flag, and refusing to offer up their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble.

Just then, recognizing the Obama daughters, the cop wadded up the flag, lit a corner of it ablaze , waved to a news camera from OAN, and threw the burning flag at Sasha and Malia.

The Obamas, horrified to ascertain a flag being burned, stretched it out between them to undertake to stay more of it from catching fire. That’s when the camera caught the image of them, holding a burning American flag .

Presidential historian Sandy Batt, who has always hated made-up stories about the Obama girls, rolled her eyes and said,

“Oh for god’s sake, people will really think they burned a U.S. flag,” when she was reached for comment.

Don’t be one among those people.

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