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Yearly Archives: 2022

Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein Court Docs Reveal Disturbing New Details

Unsealed Court Docs Reveal New Accusations Against Epstein, Maxwell A collection of documents ordered to be released by a federal judge earlier this week contains shocking allegations and reveals stunning new details about the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his girlfriend and convicted “fixer” Ghislaine Maxwell. “Public sex on …

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AOC is the poster girl for why we need civics IQ testing for any congressional candidate. This former bartender with an economics degree who loves socialism is a walking, talking enigma. Nothing in her life qualified her to be in Congress, yet there she is, hailing from the deepest of …

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BREAKING: Pfizer Admits “It’s Coming”

The mainstream media is continuing to panic the older population saying more seniors are being hospitalized with the respiratory syncytial virus or RSV, this season. They are also promoting a vaccine for the virus for older adults that will be coming soon. Pfizer announced on December 7th that the United …

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State House Race Flips By One Vote After Recount

Massachusetts State House Race Flips to Democrat by One Vote After Recount A recount of a Massachusetts state House seat changed the result to give the Democrat candidate a one-vote election victory. Incumbent Republican state Rep. Lenny Mirra had a 10-vote lead over Democratic opponent Kristin Kassner. Mirra received 11,754 votes, …

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