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“I Am Innocent!” – Hate Hoaxer Jussie Smollett Sentenced, He Freaks (VIDEO)

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Former “Empire” star Jussie Smollett was sentenced to 150 days in jail, 30 months felony probation and to pay restitution to the city of Chicago, and a fine of $25,000 on Thursday, after he was that he staged a hate-crime attack against himself in 2019. Judge James B. Linn stated that the evidence against Smollett was “overwhelming” and that the jury’s verdict in his case was “correct.”

In December Smollett was found guilty on 5 charges of disorderly conduct – one count for each time he lied to police following the hoax ‘attack.’

Smollett was found not guilty on a 6th count of lying to a detective.

The case revolved around an absurd claim by Smollett that two ‘white men’ ambushed him at 2 am, in 20-degree weather, in downtown Chicago while screaming “This is MAGA country!”

Making his story even more unbelievable, at least for any rationally thinking person, Jussie added that the attackers poured bleach on him, and put a noose around his neck, while verbally abusing him with homophobic and racial slurs.

So let’s summarize the scene in its totality.

A well-known actor who supposedly goes to a Subway restaurant, at 2 in the morning, in a liberal part, of the liberal city of Chicago.

After leaving, 2 MAGA supporters who happen to be driving by, jump out, pour gas on him, place a tiny noose around his neck, and call him “homophobic” insults.

He then somehow gets away, goes home, then calls the police to report it.

In reality, according to two Nigerian brothers, who were friends of Jussie, the actor paid them over $3,000 to help him pull off the “MAGA Country” hate hoax crime.

During the trial, a video of the Osundairo brothers purchasing all of the supplies for the hate hoax such as red hats, rope, and bleach, was played for all to see.

Following the police report, which Jussie signed swearing that everything contained in his statement was true, the police department, and detectives spent hundreds of hours trying to collaborate his story and bring the MAGA guys to justice.

Instead, everyone involved soon realized Jussie had made up and paid for, a hate hoax.

Smollett almost got away with it. Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx initially dismissed charges against the actor. Things flipped around though after it was discovered that Foxx actually knew Smollet personally, leading her to informally recuse herself from the case due to the conflict, resulting in the charges being re-instated.

Despite all of the evidence presented in the court proving Smollett recruited the Nigerians to help him with this hate hoax, the ‘Empire’ actor lied to the court for hours and claimed he was a victim of a real crime.

Jussie Smollett on Thursday showed up 10 minutes late to his sentencing hearing flanked by members of his family.

The judge denied Smollett a new trial after hearing his lawyers argue to have the jury’s verdict overturned.

Jussie Smollett stood up after the judge sentenced him and began shouting, “I am not suicidal! I am innocent!”


Smollett raised a fist as he insisted he was innocent while being escorted out of the courtroom.

All I can say is, Justice in the case against Jussie, is being served.

Maybe, as a result, the next hate-hoaxter might think twice before making a fool of themselves, for once.

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