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Supreme Court Sends Biden A Demand – Kavanaugh Says President Has Just Days To Respond To Mandate Challenges

Joe Biden has done many things to hurt the country. But perhaps the most shocking has been the alleged violation of our constitutional rights through his drastic mandate.

This mandate was almost immediately challenged by companies, states, and religious groups. One federal court shut it down, only for it to end up in the hands of a liberal appeals court.

Finally, it was picked up by the highest court itself. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh took the matter into his hands. And he is demanding that Biden explain himself, and his questionable mandate. And he only has days to do so.

From Zero Hedge:

President Joe Biden’s administration was directed on Monday to reply to a flurry of fresh challenges to its private employer COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a Trump nominee, told administration officials to file responses to applications from faith groups, companies, and attorneys general from over half the states in the country by 4 p.m. on Dec. 30.

That’s just days before the mandate’s deadline.

After an appeals court reversed a stay on Biden’s mandate, numerous groups petitioned the Supreme Court to rule on this issue. Trump-appointee Brett Kavanaugh is calling on Joe Biden to respond to these challenges by the end of the month.

If Biden does not provide a response, it could put his mandate in jeopardy. The court will probably uphold the ban, pending their own ruling. This is a crucial step in bringing down Biden’s dictator-like administration.

We know that this mandate is not about the current crisis. It has always been about establishing a pattern, where presidents can override our rights for any reason.

If Biden gets away with this mandate, future presidents can go much farther. They can suspend our First Amendment rights, our Second Amendment rights, heck even our Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate ourselves.

Who knows? It’s up to the Supreme Court to make the final decision on a mandate that puts Americans’ jobs and freedoms at risk.

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