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Pelosi Makes Odd Attempt To ‘Help’ Ukraine – In Order To “Comfort” Citizens Nancy Reads A Bono Poem

The entire world is rallying behind the people of Ukraine, as Russia continues its attack. Most world leaders have issued statements rebuking Putin and his invasion. But aside from sending supplies, it doesn’t seem like most lawmakers are willing to stick out their necks to help. Biden’s best “solution” has been to hit Putin with sanctions… that ended up hurting the U.S. economy.

Nancy Pelosi is seemingly even more useless. As House Speaker, she could certainly compel lawmakers to do more to help our ally. That’s especially true after Ukraine’s president gave a rousing speech to members of Congress. But it seems like Nancy is more concerned with her own agenda. The best she could do for Ukraine? Read a poem by the guy from U2.


From The Blaze:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was roasted on social media after she recited what many users said was a “cringe” poem written by U2’s Bono…

Pelosi read the poem during the Friends of Ireland luncheon at the U.S. Capitol on Thursday as an apparent tribute to Ukraine’s fight against Russian invaders.

Following the poem’s conclusion, she proudly remarked, “How about that?”

I’m not sure what to say about that. During the “Friends of Ireland” luncheon, old Nance read a poem by U2 singer Bono about the historic struggles of Ireland. She then made the connection between it and what is going on in Ukraine. I might remind you, what is going on in Ukraine right now is an unprovoked attack by a superior force seeking to take over a sovereign nation.

Yet Pelosi thinks the best thing she can do is read a cringey poem by a man with an overinflated ego. She even ended her stunt by saying, “How about that?” Ugg. I don’t have to tell you, people weren’t actually impressed. Billy Gribbin, communications director for Rep. Yvette Herrell called it a “Saint Patrick’s day hate crime.”

Garry Callahan, a radio host, remarked Bono has probably “gone into hiding” over the speech. Chuck Ross, from the Washington Free Beacon said he needs a “Guinness to wash down the cringe.” Former writer of the NYT James Surowiecki wrote it was “worse than I had imagined it would be.”

It doesn’t seem that anyone was impressed by this weak attempt by Nance to “show support” to Ukraine. A poem isn’t going to stop Putin from taking over Ukraine. Bono is not who we should look to, as war looms in Europe. Perhaps Nancy should rethink… just about everything she does.

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