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Supreme Court Issues Major Ruling – They Just Shot Down New Democrat Voting Maps In Wisconsin

It’s no secret that Democrats face a very gloomy 2022 midterm election cycle. Polls that show Democrats losing to Republicans by double digits have been widely circulated, sending panic across the left. They only have themselves to blame. After over a year in power, they have triggered numerous crises, due to bad policies and decisions. But never let it be said that Democrats can’t cheat the system, to get their way.

In many states, they have conspired to give themselves electoral advantages. How? By redrawing congressional maps so that Democrat candidates have the upper hand. This kind of trick, called gerrymandering, carves up states so that Republican votes are spread too thin. Democrats tried to pull this stunt in Wisconsin—a notable swing state. But the Supreme Court just slapped down the left.

From The Guardian:

The US supreme court threw out Wisconsin’s new state legislative maps on Wednesday, in a ruling that boosts Republicans and…

In an unsigned ruling, the court took issue with the decision to add an additional Black-majority state assembly district in the Milwaukee area, raising the total in the map to seven. The Wisconsin supreme court picked the plan, drawn by Tony Evers, the state’s Democratic governor, earlier this month…

The US supreme court’s opinion said that the state court committed a “legal error” in picking the plan and didn’t appropriately follow the required process to justify the creation of a new district.

Wisconsin Democrats conspired to redraw the state’s congressional districts, to ensure they win more seats. This attempt at gerrymandering would have sliced up existing districts in a way that favored liberal candidates. It was challenged in the state supreme court and ultimately ended up in the U.S. Supreme Court. The highest court in the land threw out the new map, ensuring the left’s scheme was foiled.

For years, Democrats have hidden behind the claim of “voter rights” to game the system. They’ll seemingly do anything to gain an advantage, even if it means distorting congressional districts and undermining the electoral process. They get away with this quite often, because the liberal media pretends like they are standing up for the rights of minorities. But this has nothing to do with voting rights and everything to do with Democrats avoiding the consequences of their actions.

Under Democrat control, the United States has suffered one crisis after another. The border is open, being overrun by migrants. Inflation is out of control. Businesses and struggling to keep their doors open. Gas prices are reaching historic highs. And the left does nothing about any of this. In fact, they keep pushing radical policies that will make these problems worse.

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