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Alan Dershowitz Drops The Gavel On Jackson – He Claims Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee Was Unprepared

Democrats are hoping to get their radical Supreme Court nominee on the bench as fast as possible. They don’t want Americans looking at her record. They didn’t even provide the Senate Judiciary Committee with her full record—something that has never been done.

Clearly, Biden is angling to get a progressive activist on the bench, to appease the far left.

But things haven’t worked out as they hoped. Jackson has struggled during her confirmation hearing. She clearly stumbled while answering important questions. Some of her answers have sent shockwaves through America. And now, acclaimed legal expert Alan Dershowitz is giving his opinion.

From Just The News:

During her Senate Judiciary hearings this week, Jackson stumbled on questions about abortion and what defines a woman.

“She wasn’t as well prepared, for example, as the previous nominee Amy Coney Barrett, who knew her cases cold,” the legal scholar said.

Alan Dershowitz claimed that Ketanji Jackson was unprepared for her appearance before the Senate. Based on her performance the legal expert does not believe the judge knew her cases very well. That is a troubling sign for someone who is supposed to serve on the highest court in the land. Dershowitz also took issue with Jackson’s history, particularly on an issue as important as free speech.

Dershowitz also discussed some of the more controversial skeletons in Jackson’s closet. Since Biden picked her to be Justice Breyer’s replacement, we’ve learned more and more about this judge. And what we’ve seen hasn’t been great. Republican lawmakers are also voicing their concerns over the candidate. Especially after she failed to adequately answer many questions.

Several Republican senators have already come out and declared they will not be voting to confirm her. It is likely many more Republicans on the committee will do the same. Jackson’s performance during her hearings has cast many doubts on how she will serve on the Supreme Court.

What’s really hilarious is that reports indicated Jackson did prepare for her hearings, with the help of Joe Biden. Biden selected former senator from Alabama, Doug Jones, to prep her. Ouch. Maybe Joe should have found somebody else?

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