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President Biden’s Approval Takes Another Swing – His Ratings Just Reached The Lowest Point Of His Presidency At 40%

By now, you are probably used to hearing about Joe Biden’s approval ratings. But for some odd reason, it hasn’t been sinking in for old Joe himself. Since August of last year, his approval has been tanking.

Americans have been making their opinion on the man loud and clear. Yet his crooked administration has done nothing to win back Americans. In fact, they have doubled down on his radical agenda.

With the midterms approaching, any little event can trigger a tidal wave of reactions. Americans are eager to send a message to D.C. And a president’s performance can make or break his party’s chances at the polls. Well, how is Biden shaping up, this Spring? According to one poll, he is at his lowest point… so far.

From The Daily Wire:

On Sunday, NBC News released a poll showing that President Joe Biden’s approval rating amongst the American people has reached the lowest point of his presidency thus far as a mere 40% of those polled approve of the job he is doing. A whopping 71% of Americans also believe that the country is on the “wrong track.”

Numerous polls have shown Biden’s approval to be low. Some are even south of 40%. The latest poll from NBC (an obviously liberal-biased outlet), shows Biden with his lowest approval ever. Even with the network’s bias and attempts to polish Biden’s image, they give him 40% approval. Even worse is that 71% of the country says that we are on the “wrong track.”

Well, who is to blame for that, everyone? Republicans don’t have the votes to get things on the right track. Biden holds the White House. Democrats control Congress. If the country’s on the wrong track, the liberals are to blame.

Which means, Biden’s approach should be (and probably is) much lower than 40%.

These numbers should not be a surprise to most Americans. Biden has tanked the economy, thanks to his runaway inflation. His policies have crippled numerous industries, including the energy section. His team is so bad, they can’t even fix the supply chain crisis. And let’s not forget Biden’s major blunders overseas, in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and perhaps soon Iran and Taiwan.

The only people who are surprised by this are probably Joe Biden and his administration. Everyone else is demanding answers. Sadly, Biden’s got none to offer.

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