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Trump Impeachment Could Be Wiped Off The Records – Rep. Mullin Just Introduced An “Expunge” Resolution

Even though former President Donald Trump was never removed from office, the House technically voted to impeach him twice.

Democrats continue to highlight this as a reason for Trump not to run again, though Republicans say there was never any grounds for impeachment.

Rep. Markwayne Mullin from Oklahoma is one of the many GOP members who believe Democrats never proved any wrongdoing on the part of Trump.

As such, he’s making a move to “expunge” the impeachment vote entirely.

This will undoubtedly cause pushback from Democrat lawmakers, many of whom are still annoyed that Trump evaded full impeachment proceedings.

Rep. Mullin says the bottom line is, there just isn’t enough evidence to support such a drastic move.

Via Fox News:

Oklahoma GOP U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Markwayne Mullin Tuesday is introducing a resolution to expunge former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment – saying Democrats didn’t prove ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’

It’s a 9-page resolution and if the House decides to pass it, Trump’s 2019 impeachment will be “expunged.”

Democrats accused the former President of leveraging U.S. military aid to Ukraine for “political favors.” This included an alleged investigation into the Bidens.

Mullin believes leftist politicians “flippantly exercised one of the gravest and most consequential powers with which the House of Representatives is charged.”

He added:

Impeaching a sitting president is the most serious action Congress can take, and our Constitution is extremely clear on what is an impeachable offense.

Democrats abused our Constitution for their political gain, manipulating a perfect phone call with a vulnerable nation.

The rising GOP star said his resolution is about “restoring credibility to the impeachment process,” and making sure it can’t happen again.

Specifically, the resolution says previous impeachment allegations in U.S. history actually had “well-defined and specific criminal acts.”

But in Trump’s case, Democrats only had “subjunctive accusations of intent” and beyond that, allegations that just weren’t proven.

While impeachment managed to pass the House in both of Trump’s controversial cases, it always stalled in the Senate.

And no Republican voted to impeach Trump the first time around, though 10 did vote to impeach regarding the President’s alleged role in the Jan. 6 incident.

However, those 10 are either facing difficult primary races, or just aren’t running again.

Added to the predictions of a “red wave” for this year’s midterm elections, Republicans are pretty confident they’ll retake the House.

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