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Florida Congress Waves White Flag To DeSantis – After Veto They Hand The Governor Control Of Redistricting

Plenty is at stake in the 2022 midterms. And the future of our country will be determined by the makeup of Congress.

Democrats have tried to game the system by drawing congressional districts in their favor. In Florida, the governor vetoed a map he believed favored Democrats.

He gave the state legislature time to come up with a new map. Instead, they are handing control over to DeSantis.

From Miami Herald:

In a highly unusual move, Republican legislative leaders on Monday deferred to Gov. Ron DeSantis to draft a new congressional map in an apparent attempt to appease the governor and dissolve intraparty tensions over the redistricting process in Florida…

Historically, the Legislature has taken the lead in redrawing the lines of congressional districts. But DeSantis will take the lead on the congressional map-making heading into the special session that is scheduled to start next Tuesday.

Wow, Democrat heads must be exploding, right now. Gov. DeSantis of Florida vetoed the recent congressional map provided by the state legislature. He accused them of violating federal law, with a map that favored Democrats.

He gave them a deadline to produce a new map. The lawmakers decided to let the governor draft a new map himself, which will be voted on during a special session.

One of the few Democrats in Florida’s legislature lamented this turn of events. She even asked, “I mean, why are we elected?” Yeah, we wondered that too.

Why did anyone elect Democrats to office?

The original map apparently grouped two districts across two cities. It seemed to favor a current Democrat representative. Florida Gov. DeSantis rejected this map, as federal law prevents making districts that help a group or party.

It’s interesting that Florida’s legislature opted for this. Why couldn’t they just come up with a better map themselves? It’s a part of their job, after all.

Perhaps they have confidence that a governor who has been doing just a fantastic job so far can handle this. DeSantis has wowed residents with his unflinching commitment to conservative values.

He is enjoying popularity and respect among Floridians because he actually did what he promised to do. This move might be a sign of great trust from lawmakers, that the governor will do the right thing.

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