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“Lifelong Democrat” Leader Fed Up With His Party – He Just Switched Teams Runs For Congress As Republican

For much of 2022, the Democrat Party has been concerned about losing their dominant grip in Washington.

Many experts and insiders are predicting a “red wave” in the fall, where Republicans need only a net gain of 5 seats to flip the House.

But aside from that, Democrats are also dealing with reams of new retirements, As Well As People Who Are Just Sick Of The Party.

This includes former New York police chief and “lifelong Democrat,” La ‘Ron Singletary.

He has become so disgusted with his Party’s actions and statements that he can no longer call himself a proud Democrat. And he’s making a big change.

Currently, Singletary is trying to represent New York’s 25th Congressional District. And he won’t be doing it under the Blue flag.

He has good reason for abandoning his team, too, as he told The Daily Wire:

The demonization, the demoralization, and the defunding the police rhetoric from the Democratic Party, coupled with other ideologies the Democratic Party started to take on caused me to leave the party.

The Democratic Party was no longer the party that I knew it to be, and no longer the party of my parents.

Singletary is hardly the first high-profile individual to announce he’s leaving the Democrat Party.

And many agree that Democrats have shifted considerably over the decades, so they certainly don’t seem anything like JFK’s party.

Singletary believes Democrats have reached a point where politics come first, and that’s a bad position to be in:

We live in a country that allows us to change political parties if we no longer agree with the party’s beliefs.

When politicians put politics before people, it’s wrong.

The former police boss announced his resignation back in 2020, and his entire command staff quit with him.

This came after a highly publicized case involving then-Democrat Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, who allegedly mishandled the racially induced death of a black man.

After, Warren tried to pin it on Singletary, and everything erupted.

Though Singletary resigned, he wasn’t not done with Warren: he later sued the former Mayor and the City of Rochester for “defamation of character, creating a hostile work environment, and wrongful and retaliatory termination.”

The lawsuit came to a close in February of this year, when Singletary was awarded $75,000 and he got his health benefits back.

But the episode left a nasty taste in this former law officer’s mouth, and now he wants no part of the Democrat party.

This has become another major issue for the Blue Party, as they continue to battle against widespread claims that Democrats have simply become far too extreme.

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