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Days After Hunter Biden Evidence Heats Up – Bill Clinton Heads To The White House Has Lunch With Joe

With all the news coming out lately, it’s easy to forget that Joe Biden’s son is in deep trouble.

Plenty of information has come out that suggests Hunter Biden has been up to no good. And his father might be implicated with him.

Just as this heats up, a funny thing occurred. A man, very familiar with dealing with scandals, showed up for the first time in years at the White House.

From The Washington Post:

“The president is hosting former president Clinton for lunch this afternoon. He’s looking forward to catching up and discussing a range of issues,” a White House official said, after requesting anonymity to discuss the president’s private schedule.

I’m sure those issues include, “How to dodge scandals.” Bill Clinton will be lunching with Joe Biden at the White House.

This comes just as Hunter Biden’s name pops up again and again in the news. The MSM tried to protect Hunter in 2020 by claiming the laptop news as couldn’t be verified.

Recently, the New York Times had to admit the laptop was real. The paper—and everyone else in the media—had lied by saying it was from Russia.

Hunter Biden is connected to a variety of scandals, mostly involving business investments from shady foreign nationals.

Many suspect Hunter was exploiting his father’s role in government to land special favors and cold hard cash.

And some evidence even links old Joe to these arrangements as well. Some believe Biden was the driving force behind many of them.

Can this meeting with Bill have anything to do with this? Bill Clinton has experience handling scandals, both in and out of the White House.

Many wonder about Clinton’s involvement in Haiti and other issues. Some still have questions about him and his late friend Epstein.

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