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Trump Lawyers Slam The Hammer On New York – Attorney General James Will Not Be Happy Over Legal Team Actions

President Trump sacrificed so much to serve our country and he has been getting a pretty nasty payback from the left.

For a long while now, activist judges in New York have been going after Trumps finances in a manner that many are calling “payback” for the other areas they have been unsuccessful in attacking Trump. I guess if you can’t win those legally, make him pay in other ways, right?

Currently, they are trying to go after the stated value of Trump’s assets, like skyscrapers and golf courses. Can you think of anything more un-interesting to nab him for?

It’s been a long arduous battle, but Trump’s lawyers just added reinforcements to the fight.

Donald Trump’s legal team wants to void a contempt ruling and $10,000-per-day fine against the former president over a subpoena for documents related to a New York civil investigation into his business dealings, saying they’ve conducted a detailed search for the relevant files.

A new, 66-page court filing dated Friday describes Trump’s lawyers’ efforts to produce documents sought by New York Attorney General Letitia James’s office

Not only are they going after his finances, they have instated a fine of $10,000 every single day that goes by that he doesn’t produce the documents that they want.

Trump has called this whole investigation nothing more than a political “witch hunt” and to be honest, it’s starting to seem that way.

Agents have conducted searches in Trump’s offices and private quarters in multiple locations across multiple states. He has also submitted his phone to be searched multiple times.

Guess what they found?

“According to the filing, but didn’t find any relevant documents that hadn’t already been produced.”

Surprise, surprise. They found nothing.

That obviously didn’t stop them from imposing a massive fine to produce more documents that may not even exist.

Trump’s lawyers recently tried to have that fine lifted while they contest the subpoena for the documents, but that request was recently denied.
It must be nice to have judges ruling on your side…

This is just my opinion, but it seems clear that this is no longer about justice or the law, but more about finding any way to make Trump’s life more difficult and to inflict as much pain as possible.

Luckily, Trump’s lawyers have been doing an incredible job and won’t let them win so easily. Let’s just hope the judge decides to rule in his favor.

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