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Sean Hannity Smashes Larry King’s Major Record – The Conservative Is Officially The Longest Running Primetime Host

Democrats have been angling for conservative-leaning news hosts for years. They have launched pressure campaigns to get them off the air, threatening their sponsors.

One figure they especially hate is Sean Hannity. The conservative host, and Trump ally, has faced intense attacks by the left over the years.

But they’ve all failed, as he celebrates a major milestone at Fox News.

From Fox News:

FOX News Channel’s (FNC) Sean Hannity has notched yet another industry milestone, becoming the longest-running primetime cable news host in television history. Today marks 25 consecutive years, six months, and 15 days at the helm of a primetime cable news program, breaking the previous longstanding record* held by the late talk show host Larry King.

This is pretty big news. Sean Hannity beat legendary figure Larry King to have the longest-running primetime cable news show in history.

Hannity joined Fox News in 1996. Since then, he has notched up 25 years, six months, and 15 days as host of his primetime show.

Many hosts have come and gone on cable news since that time. But Hannity has remained a staple—and trusted source of news—for longer than many Americans have been alive.

Hannity is one of the few hosts, even on Fox, that can routinely meet with and interview Donald Trump.

Even as Trump frequently bashes cable news, even Fox, he consistently speaks with Hannity. It appears the 45th president trusts Hannity to provide honest and undistorted coverage.

We can’t even say that about most Fox News hosts.

This milestone comes as other media figures crash and burn. CNN had to pull its new streaming service, after failing to attract users.

MSNBC and other outlets are cutting back on their hosts’ time on the air. Even “iconic” figures are showing up only once a week—a sign that people are losing interest in their coverage.

But Hannity is going strong. Perhaps because he refuses to bow to the corporate media narrative and unapologetically stands for his values.

People appreciate that. Funny how the rest of the media refuses to do the same.

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