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Biden Knocked Down By Impeachment Wave – Just Days After The Midterms Majority Of Republicans Demand A Trial

We don’t have to tell you the many ways Joe Biden has failed the American people. We’d run out of space listing the many crises he personally triggered, through his reckless policies.

But more than that, many Americans believe the man to have broken the law on many occasions. And others feel he is not fit to lead. Those numbers are only growing.

According to a new poll, if Republicans retake Congress—they will have a strong mandate from their party.

From Mediaite:

Almost 70 percent of Republican voters say the House of Representatives should impeach President Joe Biden if their party takes over the chamber in the 2022 midterms — doubling the number of all other Americans who say the same…

The pollster predicts pressure to impeach will only increase among Republicans.

According to a UMass Amherst poll, 68 percent of Republican voters want the party to impeach Biden. This could happen if they retake Congress after the midterms.

If these numbers hold, Republican lawmakers might consider it a mandate to hold Biden accountable for his many failures.

Signs already point to a red wave overtaking D.C. this fall. Voters seem eager to send a message to Democrats, who have failed to lead in the last few years.

Republicans already say they have a mandate from voters to check the Biden administration. But does that extend to impeaching him over “high crimes and misdemeanors”?

That’s hard to say. It would be up to Republicans to discover if any of Biden’s gross missteps constitute a crime.

Many believe his handling of the Southern border is a crime, given the requirement of federal law to keep the border safe.

But at the very least, Republicans will be obligated to conduct an investigation, to find if there is cause to impeach Biden.

Democrats impeached Trump over very little, after conducting a sham of an investigation. Why should Republicans use their resources to hold Biden accountable?

And if these numbers continue to trend in this direction, they will certainly have good reason to.


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