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Red State Lawmakers Override Governor Veto – They Just Forced Through A Major Sports Ban In Indiana

Biden and Democrats continue to push their radical agenda wherever they can. But the more “woke” they get, the harder conservatives fight to protect their values and traditions.

This is especially true among state lawmakers. In recent months, we’ve seen major wins coming out of Republican-controlled states.

In one red state, however, the governor vetoed a law protecting sports from the woke left. But Republican lawmakers overrode it.

From Newsmax:

Republican lawmakers in Indiana voted Tuesday to override the GOP governor’s veto of a bill banning transgender females from competing in girls school sports and join about more than a dozen other states adopting similar laws in the past two years.

State senators voted 32-15 in favor of overriding Gov. Eric Holcomb following the same action by the House earlier in the day. Holcomb had said in his veto message that bill did not provide a consistent policy for what he called “fairness in K-12 sports” when he unexpectedly vetoed it in March.

Oddly, Republican Governor of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, vetoed a bill that would ban transgender athletes from competing with biological women.

The veto was “unexpected,” given Republicans are largely in favor of these kinds of laws. But the Republican majority in the state House and Senate voted to override the governor’s veto—making it law.

Americans have been baffled by Democrats’ support of transgenders in women’s sports. Claiming it’s some kind of rights issue, they’ve allowed biological men to compete against women.

Obviously, these men crush their female competitors, giving rise to complaints that this is unfair and harmful to women’s sports.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, if this is allowed to go on, “women’s” sports will one day be full only of men.

If enough men “identify” as women to compete, they will edge out biological women very quickly. Unless the government puts a stop to this with some common-sense legislation, there will be no more women’s sports.


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