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The Liberal Plan To Paralyze The Supreme Court Is Slipping Through The Cracks — On June 13th, Liberals Lay Out A Plan To Blockade Washington And The Court

Radical abortion activists have been enraged since a Supreme Court draft was released to the public. They have broken federal law by harassing the court in order for it to vote in the mob’s favor.

(Not that Joe Biden is looking into these heinous crimes.)

However, it has been reported that the protests have had little effect on the court’s decision. As a result, one hardline group has devised yet another plan to “paralyze” the court.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

A radical leftwing group is laying plans to shut down the Supreme Court in response to a leaked opinion that overturns Roe v. Wade, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

#ShutdownDC is planning to block streets adjoining the Court to prevent the justices and their staff from reaching their chambers. Organizers acknowledged their operations go beyond constitutionally protected activity, and they referenced the likelihood of arrests and clashes with law enforcement during a Tuesday night briefing the Free Beacon monitored.

I mean, really? The organization “#ShutdownDC” claims to be planning a “shutdown” of the Supreme Court.

Isn’t it terrifying? How are these radicals going to do it? By closing the entrances to the structure…

They’re aware that the justices don’t have to be present in the building to perform their duties, right? That they may virtually meet and make decisions in the age of Zoom?

Blocking highways will not prevent the court from issuing a judgement that the left opposes. But I find it ludicrous that these liberals believe they have the authority to do so.

Supposed conservatives bombarded the Capitol just a year ago and are now being treated worse than Gitmo detainees.

Because Democrats are permitting it, these dumb leftists are arranging this with seemingly no intervention from Capitol Police or the Feds.

This information is widely disseminated on the internet. Where is our law enforcement’s response? This appears to go beyond the scope of legally protected expression.

Why haven’t the authorities in the area warned them against it? Why aren’t the FBI’s activities geared against “shutting down the Supreme Court”?

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