California Liberals Swamped In Red Wave Election – San Francisco D.A. Boudin Just Got Booted While Former Republican Advances

Democrats never thought their radical agenda would get tested in a state as blue as California. But the left has pushed the party too far.

And now, voters are striking back.

In yesterday’s primary elections, California voters did the unthinkable: recall a progressive district attorney. In San Francisco, of all places.

From Breitbart:

San Francisco voters have recalled radical District Attorney Chesa Boudin, according to the Associated Press, NBC News, and the San Francisco Chronicle, with the “yes” vote running in excess of 60% as early results were counted Tuesday night.

Boudin was recalled by a landslide vote. And in Los Angeles, a former Republican is getting closer to winning the Democrat’s mayoral nomination.

From MSN:

Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.) and billionaire businessman Rick Caruso are projected to advance to a runoff. Caruso, a former Republican, has pitched himself as a different kind of Democrat who will fix long-simmering crises in the nation’s second-largest city.

Left-wing San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin was recalled yesterday, with 60% of voters rejecting his “soft-on-crime” agenda.

Boudin is the son of convicted Weather Underground militant David Gilbert, a man who tried to bomb police stations in the 70s. Boudin appears to have the same anti-law and order view, but he just tried to destroy them internally.

Boudin dropped shoplifting as a felony. He eliminated cash bail, which put criminals back on the streets.

Things have gotten so bad in SF, that residents have been forced to leave their car doors unlocked, begging crooks not to smash their windows.

In Los Angeles, a bigger storm is brewing. A former Republican, billionaire businessman Rick Caruso, has advanced to a runoff race with far-left Karen Bass.

Both are running for the Democrat nomination for LA mayor. Caruso has been running on the promise to clean up the misery spreading across LA.

Thanks to a string of far-left leaders, the city has become overrun with crime—with the largest population of homeless in the country.

Bass is promising more of the same policies that are driving people out of the area. But it seems more than a few votes are waking up.

For these kinds of shakeups to be happening in California? You know progressive Democrats are panicking.

Their policies have brought once-respected cities and states to their knees. Americans are struggling to get by… and they are ticked off.

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