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Deep Blue State Could Flip In 2022 Midterms – Democratic Governor Candidate Is Losing In Polls To Surging Republican In Oregon

For the most part, experts can predict how deep red and deep blue states will vote. Democrat candidates are typically heavy favorites in states like Oregon, where the left has held sway for years.

However, we’re seeing a rising trend in the country in recent years, and it’s pointing in the other direction. Now even the deepest blue states in the nation are showing signs of flipping red.

This Includes Oregon, Where The Democratic Nominee For Governor Might Lose To Her Upstart Republican Challenger.

It’s another example of the growing “red wave” the GOP has been touting for most of 2022. They hope the trend will continue through the midterm elections, so they can flip the House and Senate.

As for individual states, some remain heavily dedicated to one party or another, while others appear to be shifting.

Oregon could fall into the latter category, as the race for Governor is on. Many expected Democrat nominee and former Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives Tina Kotek to take the victory.

But a recent poll conducted by Oregon-based polling firm Nelson Research holds bad news for Kotek and her Party.

Via The Daily Wire:

A new poll shows that the Republican candidate for governor in the traditionally deep-blue state of Oregon holds a slight lead in the upcoming election.

…Oregon-based polling firm Nelson Research, found that former Oregon House Minority Leader Christine Drazan, the Republican nominee in the governor’s race, holds a 2-point advantage, 29.5%-27.5%, over Democratic nominee and former Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives Tina Kotek.

Drazan seems to be in a slightly better position the whole way around, according to these poll results.

For instance, over 68 percent of Republicans in the state support Drazan, while only 57 percent of Democrats are on board with Kotek. Drazan also has more support from Independents: 19.1% to 14.7%.

The concerning update doesn’t end there for Democrats, either.

The stats show that over 40 percent of voters surveyed were Democrats, and only 33.5 percent were Republican. And yet, despite this significant gap, Drazan is still winning.

This tells us that even some Democrats aren’t willing to vote for Kotek, while Drazan holds most of her party’s support. If this trend continues through election day, Democrats might be facing a stunning loss.

There’s Another Major Statistic That Should Cause The Left To Worry:

Across the nation, many generic polls show Independent voters increasingly favoring Republicans. That’s happening in Oregon as well: Independents favor the GOP by almost a 10-point margin, 33.1% to 23.6%.

That could sway many elections in the Republican direction this year, because most Democrats and GOP members continue to vote along party lines.

For the record, Oregon hasn’t had a Republican governor since 1982 — but times are indeed changing rapidly.

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