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Trump Demands Swift Justice On SCOTUS Leaker – Donald Says Solution To Finding Leaker Is Going To The Reporter

It’s been over a month since someone within the Supreme Court leaked a confidential document to the press.

John Roberts vowed to find the leaker. Yet we’ve heard nothing from his office. Should it really take this long to root out this person?

Trump doesn’t think so. And he is demanding answers.

From TRUTH Social:

The U.S. Supreme Court MUST find, reveal, and punish the “Leaker.” Very easy to do – Go to the reporter who received the leak. This is a tremendously serious matter that has never happened, to anywhere near this extent, before. The Court will be compromised and demeaned until this very big problem is solved!

Donald Trump took to his social media platform to call out the Supreme Court for not finding this leaker.

He explained it would be “easy” to do, if officials bothered to talk to the reporter who received and published the leak.

Obviously, this leaker sent the document to a person in the press—a reporter at Politico. Why aren’t federal investigators speaking to them?

A reporter might initially be unwilling to cooperate. But given a warrant, they will have to provide what information they have.

It wouldn’t take long for investigators to trace what evidence they find back to the Supreme Court.

And that’s not taking into account the possibility that others within the court know who leaked it.

There are only so many people working for the justices. And only a few of them would have had access to that draft document.

The fact that we don’t have a name yet—and any prosecution or actions—is unacceptable.

Trump knows the truth. He said this is a “tremendously serious matter,” one that has never happened in the history of our court.

The 45th president said that the court will be “compromised” and “demeaned” until the leaker is found.

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