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Biden Takes A Significant Loss – Joe Just Got Abandoned By His Texan ICE Director Nominee

Biden has not had the best record appointing people to his cabinet. Even Democrats have blocked certain nominees, over their poor records.

Biden picked someone to lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Although a Texan, Republicans had concerns.

And now, after waiting over a year, he’s pulling the plug.

From Fox News:

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said he has withdrawn from consideration to be the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, more than a year after he was nominated by President Joe Biden to the post…

Gonzalez, the sheriff of Texas’s largest county, noted that his nomination has stalled for over a year and that the U.S. Senate has not confirmed an ICE director since the Biden administration.

Joe Biden nominated Ed Gonzalez, a Texas country sheriff, to lead his ICE. Maybe he thought Americans would support this guy because he’s from Texas.

But he hails from Harris Country, a part of the state known to be infested by liberals.

Democrats might have liked Gonzalez to lead ICE. If he is as leftist as most of Biden’s other picks, he would have run the organization into the ground.

But for some reason, even Democrats in the Senate refused to move forward with his nomination. It appears to be more evidence that the liberal-controlled Senate can’t get any work done.

Gonzalez was also embroiled in domestic abuse allegations, which might have scared Democrats off.

Regardless of the reason, the man withdrew his name, probably eager to move on.

Several of Biden’s nominees lost out on getting their posts. Some were called out for their vile attacks against (Republican and Democrat) senators.

Others were opposed by Republicans over their radical, socialist statements.

Considering Biden’s open border policies, it’s unlikely he will pick an ICE head who will be eager to find and deport migrants.

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