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Supreme Court Hands Down Their Final Ruling – On Trump’s ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy, Justices Just Voted 5-4 To Strike It Down

Biden has reversed just about every Trump policy he could. Including one that prevented “catch and release” for migrants.

Lower courts ruled that Biden had to keep this policy. Biden refused, letting migrants flood the country.

This issue was taken to the Supreme Court. And one of Trump’s own justices sided with the left.

From NBC News:

The Supreme Court handed President Joe Biden a victory Thursday, ruling that he can shut down a Trump administration program designed to restrict immigration at the southern border.

The court said in a 5-4 ruling that the Biden administration acted properly in seeking to end the “Remain in Mexico” policy, formally known as the Migrant Protection Protocols. It required people seeking asylum at the southern border, mainly from Central America, to wait in Mexico while their claims were decided.

The three liberal justices, along with Chief Justice Roberts and Trump-nominee Brett Kavanaugh, sided with Biden over “Remain in Mexico.”

They ruled that Biden was allowed to nix this policy, effectively letting migrants stay in America, despite crossing the border illegally.

Without Remain in Mexico, Biden can continue the “catch and release” strategy started by Obama. Migrants caught jumping the border can claim “asylum.”

Biden will let them free into the U.S., where they are unlikely to show up for a hearing or deportation.

The “Remain in Mexico” rule was the only thing preventing millions of invaders from infiltrating our communities.

Biden actively circumvented this rule, even when lower courts (and the Supreme Court previously) said he had to.

Now, expect even more migrants to rush the border, thinking it’s open season to enter this country without going through the right channels.

Biden has previously bussed migrants to all corners of the country. We’ve had an unending march of migrants cross over our border ever since Biden took over.

His administration has made no attempts to protect the country. In fact, his DHS has made it easier for migrants to violate our immigration laws.

This ruling only serves as a reminder that until Biden is gone, our border will be unprotected.

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