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13 Months After Biden Claimed ‘Transitory’ Inflation – Americans Continue To See Their Pocketbooks Drained

Sometime in early summer 2021, Americans witnessed an unsettling rise in costs. Gas prices started to climb, as did the cost of food, clothing, rent, and much more.

Biden ignored it for a while, then claimed this inflation wasn’t permanent, but “transitory.” Whatever that means.

It’s been over a year… and guess what?

From Fox Business:

The United States has experienced 13 straight months of high inflation since the Biden administration dismissed concerns about rising costs and said the contributing factors were “transitory.” […]

On Wednesday, roughly a year after Yellen, Biden and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell all downplayed the 5.4% inflation in the United States, inflation surged to 9.1% which has not been seen in four decades.

Biden and his staff made all kinds of excuses for what we saw last year. They claimed inflation was “transitory.”

They said it was “temporary.” They even claimed it was a sign of a “roaring” economy. Yeah, right.

But after 13 months, that “temporary” inflation has turned into a screaming 9.1% increase in costs to consumers.

That amounts to about $3,000 more dollars your spending a year on nearly everything.

Biden has ignored the warning signs that inflation would continue. He and his administration refused to take steps to reduce it, like reopening federal land for oil drilling.

He’s sat back and watched Americans suffer for over a year. And June was the worst so far. What about July?

What about August? What about the back-to-school season? Will families be able to afford backpacks?

It seems Biden is sputtering at every turn. Even literally:

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