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Kevin McCarthy Sends Nancy Spinning – The Minority Leader Just Showed Taxpayers Her ‘Pelosi Pay Cut’

For over a year, we’ve seen the price of just about everything rise. Inflation has gotten so bad it has resulted in a pay cut for most Americans.

Most experts are not confused as to why this is happening. And House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is pointing the finger right at old Nance.

From Fox News:

On “Fox & Friends” Friday, Rep. McCarthy, R-Calif., claimed the president’s move to curtail American energy production, combined with the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act, were the primary causes of skyrocketing inflation…

“We’re going to pay more for gasoline. But it goes more than just the gasoline. It goes into our asphalt, into the buttons in our shirts, into our phones. It’s almost in everything that we produce…

And now with the latest inflation numbers, if you have a constant paycheck for the last year, you have now just worked more than a month for free. That’s what they took from you. That was the Pelosi pay cut.”

Republican Kevin McCarthy blasted Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi over how their policies resulted in the skyrocketing inflation.

At the start of his presidency, Biden signed numerous orders that shut down American energy. The worst was a ban on drilling on federal land.

Because American companies can’t produce more energy, prices have been on the rise. That alone has caused the cost of most items to go up dramatically.

But to add fuel to that rampaging fire, Pelosi and her Democrats passed a “stimulus” bill that flooded 1.9 trillion new dollars into the economy.

That move lowered the value of the dollar, making everything (once again) cost more.

But wages have not increased along with this rapid inflation. And McCarthy says that for most Americans, it has amounted to working for more than a month free.

He called it “the Pelosi pay cut.” Thanks to her and the rest of the Democratic Party, Americans are much worse off than they were—even in 2020.

And Democrats, along with Biden, continue to make one blunder after another. Biden is begging Saudi Arabia for fuel—when we aren’t drilling for any at home.

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