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Biden’s Hypocrisy Caught On Display – Joe Arrives To Climate Speech In A Gas Guzzling SUV Motorcade

Joe Biden and his cabal of Democrats are pushing radical changes to the way we live… all in the name of saving the planet.

He even refuses to open up land for drilling—triggering a painful gas price crisis—because he claims we are fighting climate change.

But does Joe really believe in this movement? Actions speak louder than words.

From YouTube:

President Joe Biden’s massive motorcade of gas guzzling SUVs arrived for his speech about climate change, during his remarks on the climate crisis in Somerset, Massachusetts on 7/20/2022.

Biden has shut down tons of drilling on federal land. He’s also hit American manufacturing with countless “environmental regulations.”

He keeps thumping the podium that climate change is the biggest existential crisis facing our country. Even in the face of inflation and rising gas prices, he pushes this agenda.

Yet when he shows up to talk about climate change in MA, he arrives with a massive entourage driven in massive, gas-guzzling SUVs.

Hey, Joe… where are all the Teslas? For an administration that claims to be the most concerned with the environment, why are they riding around in vehicles?

Oh, I see. Biden and his cronies have no problem putting harsh restrictions on all of us, but not on himself.

His own “climate czar” has pumped 300 metric tons of CO2 into the air in just the last year alone, thanks to his family’s private jet.

Biden and his team can ride around in Expeditions and Tahoes. But the rest of us can’t even fill up our pathetic Civics?

As usual, Democrats are pushing one set of standards on us, but refuse to abide by them themselves.

I’m sure Joe (or more likely his press secretary) will claim they need those SUVs for security purposes.

Yep. You can’t keep Joe safe in an electric vehicle. Nope, you need to drive around in a plush, giant SUV, with leather seats I’m sure.

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