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Fox News Reminds Chris Wallace Who’s Boss, Beats CNN and MSNBC Combined With Total Day And Primetime Viewers For Month Of August

Fox News reminded fallen star Chris Wallace who’s boss with total dominance in the August Cable Ratings. Fox was number one in cable news in primetime viewers for the 19th month in a row and had 96 of the top 100 cable news shows for August. And if that wasn’t humbling enough for Wallace, Fox … Read more

Barack Obama Wanted To Dump Joe Biden And Replace Him With Hillary Clinton For 2012 Election

New York Magazine national correspondent Gabriel Debenedetti has a new book where he spills the beans on the real relationship between Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Gabriel reports that Obama did indeed consider booting Joe Biden from the ticket and replacing him with Hillary Clinton in 2012. The Daily Mail got an early copy of … Read more

Top FBI Expert Breaks Trump Case Wide Open – Brock Claims the Affidavit Shows There Is No Case Against Donald

The liberal media had a field day after the FBI raided Trump’s home. They crowed that the politicized agency “must” have had good reason to raid his home–forgetting everything the left’s done to Trump. But the warrant against 45 was released, as were portions of the affidavit. And a top FBI expert is dumping cold … Read more

President Biden Just Suffered a Major D.C. Loss – Homeland Security Officially Terminates Joe’s Disinformation Board

The media might deny it, but nobody believes Biden’s administration has been a success. In fact, Americans have been shocked by the lengths Joe has gone to clamp down on our liberties. We remember the mandates, the restrictions, and the shocking attempt to silence free speech. But today, one of those schemes officially dies. From … Read more

US Freight Rail Crisis Could Sink Nancy Pelosi Right Before Midterms By Causing Supply Chain Chaos

The midterms are fast approaching and no one knows what will happen. The Republican Party has huge historical momentum, the party out of power usually wins the midterm, and political momentum after a series of Joe Biden’s debacles. The numbers predicted a huge, massive red wave would sweep over the country. And the numbers still … Read more

Dem Rep Abruptly Resigns From Congress Leaving Nancy Pelosi With Tiny 2 Seat Margin

U.S. Representative Charlie Crist (D-St. Petersburg) announced he is retiring from Congress effective at the close of business today, August 31. Crist will step down from his position as U.S. Representative for Florida’s 13th Congressional District leaving Nancy Pelosi a tiny majority of 2 votes should she need to get anything done. Crist just won … Read more

After Dem Governor Orders Republicans To Leave Her State – Hochul Quickly Gets Major Backlash In New York

So… Republicans are the intolerant ones, right? At least, that’s what Democrats keep saying. Yet who has been showing nothing but hostility to millions of Americans… just because of how they vote? Not Republicans, I can tell you that. In fact, the woman who wouldn’t be governor if it weren’t for Andrew Cuomo’s scandal just … Read more

Red Wave Slams into Southern State Early – 5 Counties Just Flipped Their School Boards Red in Florida

While Democrats celebrate closing the gap with Republicans before the midterm elections, the GOP hopes to maintain their edge. This includes mass spending to keep the “red wave” a real possibility. In some ways, though, that red wave is already being seen in certain parts of the country. We’ve heard reports of many local elections flipping toward … Read more

BREAKING: Feds Declare REGIONAL EMERGENCY Affecting Four States

BREAKING – The Department of Transportation declared a regional emergency Saturday affecting four Midwest states after a fire earlier this week caused an “unanticipated shutdown” of a BP oil refinery in Indiana, The Daily Wire reports. BP Whiting, the sixth largest refinery in the U.S. refining over 400,000 barrels of oil per day, shut down to undergo … Read more

New Report Shakes Up Washington Swamp – Updated GDP Numbers Confirm U.S. Economy Is in Recession

Nobody in their right mind will deny the economy is struggling. Yet Biden has convinced the media to redefine basic terms, so claim we are not in a recession. But it’s getting harder and harder for them to keep up this charade. Especially after these numbers came out. From Daily Caller: The revised estimate for … Read more