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Texas Judge Freezes Biden In His Tracks – He Just Blocked Forcing Lone Star State Into Awful Rules Temporarily

Democrats continue to scheme to undermine the Supreme Court’s decision to give states the power to legislate abortion.

They have launched numerous lawsuits. Joe Biden, the “moderate,” has tried to use the federal government to force red states to perform “emergency” abortions at ERs.

But a judge just shut him down.

From Daily Caller:

James Hendrix, U.S. District Judge for the Northern District of Texas, temporarily blocked President Joe Biden’s attempt to force states to provide abortions in certain emergency situations in a Tuesday ruling, according to court documents…

The guidance “discards the requirement to consider the welfare of unborn children when determining how to stabilize a pregnant woman; it claims to preempt state laws notwithstanding explicit provisions to the contrary; and it impermissibly interferes with the practice of medicine in violation of the Medicare Act,” Hendrix wrote in his decision.

Biden pretended like this order would “save” women’s lives in pro-life states. But, in reality, the guidance does nothing to establish how a doctor should determine risks to the mother or unborn child.

And it ignores the fact that, like many pro-life states, Texas has exceptions in the case of ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages or other instances where the life of the mother is at risk.

State law is much clearer and precise, providing doctors with actual guidance. The Biden order was just a slip-shot attempt at opening the door to any abortion, so long as a doctor said it was to “save” the woman’s life.

Anyone with half a brain could see this was just a backdoor attempt at legalizing abortion at the federal level—undermining the Supreme Court.

A federal judge blocked this order, saying it violated state law. It is temporarily blocked as the case continues through court.

But this is not the last time Biden nor his party will try to force abortion onto states that clearly rejected it.

It doesn’t seem that Democrats are the “pro-choice” party anymore. That suggests they are in favor of a woman choosing.

These days, it seems they are the “abortion-only” party. For many women, the left appears to only want them to have an abortion—regardless of the circumstances.

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