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After Biden Enacts Costliest Unilateral Order In History – Joe Dares To Accuse MAGA Republicans Of ‘Semi-Fascism’

Biden continues to go off the rails. He just defied Congress to push the costliest executive orders in history.

His decision to “forgive” portions of student loans will cost America somewhere between $300-$500 billion. He did it without input from Congress or Americans, much like a dictator would do.

But then, he had the gall to accuse Trump supporters of being fascist!

From The Daily Caller:

President Joe Biden called Republican proposals “semi-fascism” during a Thursday speech at a Democratic fundraiser in Montgomery County, Maryland…

Biden’s comments came in the wake of the Aug. 8 raid on Mar-a-Lago, the Florida estate owned by Trump. Many Republicans criticized the raid as an “abuse of power” by the Biden administration.

You can’t really make this stuff up, folks. After pushing the costliest unilateral order in our nation’s history, Biden accuses Trump and his policies of being “semi-fascism.”

Really, Joe? You ignore your own Speaker, who said only Congress could forgive student loans.

Joe did not consult with Congress, working with lawmakers to find a way to do this. He did not consult American taxpayers, who will be burdened with a $300 billion (or more) price tag.

He did it by fiat–something a third-world fascist dictator would do.

Yet he accuses Trump of being “semi-fascist” for wanting to secure our border, bring back jobs, and restore power to the people.

And we can’t forget that Joe Biden was in the White House when the FBI raided Trump’s home over paperwork.

Democrats impeached Trump for just a phone call. Yet Biden’s DOJ is going after a former political rival–who might run again–and that’s not called fascist?

Democrats, the liberal media, and leftist-run social networks have slandered conservatives for years.

They have silenced them, discredited them, and tried to destroy their livelihoods. All because they have different political views.

But Republicans are fascists? Sure, keep saying that Joe. Your approval

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