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BLM Leader’s Closet Gets Cracked Wide Open


Every so often, Black Lives Matter returns to the public space. Usually to create havoc in an American city.

The media plays interference with this self-described Marxist group. Because they are helping black lives, right?

Well, as it turns out, one top leader was helping… himself to big bucks.

From Washington Examiner:

The leader of the national Black Lives Matter group has been accused of stealing more than $10 million from the charity’s donors.

Black Lives Matter Grassroots, a nonprofit group that represents local BLM chapters across the country, accused the BLM Global Network Foundation and its board secretary, Shalomyah Bowers, in a lawsuit Thursday of fraudulently siphoning over $10 million in “fees” to Bowers’s consulting firm.

I guess they were helping black lives. Just one, though.

Black Lives Matter Grassroots, a chapter of the socialist movement out of California, is now suing Shalomyah Bowers, the head of BLM Global Network Foundation.

This group is accusing Bowers of using it to fundraise, then pocketing the money.

As it turns out, Bowers was the sole voting member of BLMGN–so no one could oppose his decisions. And he transferred $10 million into his private consulting firm.

Conveniently, he was the sole member of this firm–meaning it was cash profit.

This is not even the first time a top leader of this movement was outed for getting rich. Patrisse Cullors, one of the founders of BLM, was kicked out for transferring millions to her family and buying multi-million dollar homes.

In fact, eight states have revoked BLM’s charitable status over accusations like this.

Ironic, huh, that a “Marxist” movement is making its leaders super rich? You’d think BLM would be “redistributing” this wealth to all the black-owned businesses it helped burn down.

You also have to wonder how many more lawsuits and scandals have to come out from this group before the media stop protecting it.

If these kinds of scandals were happening on the right, it would be game over.

But I guess when you’re a socialist group hiding behind Civil Rights, you have endless lives.

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