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Supreme Court Rocks Washington In 1st Amendment Ruling

If left unchecked, there is no limit to how far the left will go in pushing their agenda.

In recent years, they’ve even gone as far as to trample Americans’ most fundamental rights.

But the Supreme Court just made a decision in favor of the 1st Amendment. And it’s rocking one of the left’s biggest agendas.

From NBC News:

The Supreme Court on Friday temporarily allowed an Orthodox Jewish university in New York to deny official recognition to an LGBTQ student group, the latest in a series of decisions in favor of religious rights…

Friday’s decision puts on hold a decision by a New York state judge, who ruled in June that the university was bound by the New York City Human Rights Law, which bars discrimination based on sexual orientation. The university argues that it is a religious institution and therefore should be exempted from the law.

The Supreme Court issued a temporary block of a New York law that forces universities to acknowledge gay student groups.

The school in question, Yeshiva University, is a Jewish school that says this law violates their religious beliefs.

Not that the left seems to care about Americans’ religious rights.

For years, the left has prioritized an agenda that panders to minority groups. They have done this, even at the expense of the First Amendment.

The amendment makes it very clear that the government does not have the power to prohibit the “free exercise” of a citizen’s religion.

To mandate that a religious school accept something that goes against its convictions gets very close to undermining the 1st Amendment.

Most Americans will agree that it does. But Democrats don’t seem to care.

They have put these “victimized” groups ahead of fundamental religious beliefs.

We’ve gone from stopping legitimate discrimination against people to accusing Americans of discrimination for not prioritizing these groups.

There’s a very big difference. And the Supreme Court granted an emergency request to hear this case.

How the court rules will affect not just this Jewish school. It will have an impact on all schools and religious institutions.

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