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MSNBC Analyst Warns Pelosi And Biden That Latinos Are ‘Walking Away From The Democratic Party’

MSNBC contributor Paola Ramos warned President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi that Latinos are “walking away from the Democratic Party” on Morning Joe today.

Ramos said: “The larger picture is that Latinas have been sending a message for the last four years. Donald Trump won seven of the 14 countries along the U.S. Mexico border, right, and he was able to flip two of those and he made significant end roads in places like the Rio Grande Valley.

“We’re not trying to say that Republicans are winning the national Latino vote. We’re saying Democrats are losing it. The Latinos are sending a message, and we need to listen.

“Immigration has truly never been a top issue for Latinos.

“And I think that’s the myth.

“The myth is if you talk about migrants, you know, if you show these stories, then Latinas will vote for you.

“That’s not true.

“Latinas care about economy, they care about crime, they care about jobs, they care about education.

“That’s it.

“They wanted to be talked to and spoken to the same way that Democrats would go out for any other vote.

“I think it’s a matter of at least if you’re looking at this story of Mayra Flores, at least matching that, you know, at least spending the resources, at least showing up and listening.

“And I think that’s the story here. Latinas, they’re sending a message.

“They’re drifting away, they’re walking away from the Democratic Party,”

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