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CNN Announces More Layoffs As New Boss Tries To Right Sinking Ship

CNN instituted another round of layoffs and staffers fear more are coming. CNN parted ways with some staffers who work in podcasting and the remnants of the failed streaming service Chris Wallace was meant to lead, CNN Plus.

“Leadership has spent the past several months evaluating our business to ensure it is best positioned for the future,” a CNN spokesperson said. “CNN has opened more than 300 new jobs since May and will continue to align our resources with our greatest opportunities for growth.”

Former CNN audio product manager Alexander McCall said:  “Some bittersweet personal news: I learned today that my position at@CNN Audio is being eliminated, along with the positions of some of my podcasting colleagues.”

“Why? I don’t know, exactly. We were told the company plans to produce fewer audio series next year.

“It’s a shame because we’ve produced some A+ content, including a podcast that’s currently in the top 10 overall on @ApplePodcasts.

“But I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished, especially on the marketing and product side.

“What’s next for me? I’m wide open to opportunities inside *and* outside the world of podcasting.

‘As of now, I will remain with CNN through the end of 2022. DM me with leads, and I’ll happily share my resume.

“Realizing I’m joining the ‘My company invested heavily in podcasting, and then realized it’s expensive and then didn’t want to pay for that anymore.’ cohort.

“And my biggest question: What will become of our team’s work? All the data we recorded, all the things we learned.

“It’s just a bummer to watch companies pull the plug on or disinvest from business units that are so young especially when you’ve seen firsthand the work of so many people to make it profitable, to reach the goal.”

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