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These are dangerous times patriots- EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TIMES! 

The FBI is being rocked by scandals and being exposed for massive corruption on a daily basis.

Whistleblowers are exposing the bias and corruption of the heads of the FBI and major investigations will be taking place as soon as we take the House and Senate in November.

And when President Trump is elected in 2024 we can expect to see a sh*tstorm against the DEEP STATE, Biden’s China corruption and maybe even get Hillary tossed in prison.

THAT would make SLICK WILLY a happy camper.

Meanwhile Biden is in a fetal position sucking on his thumb while CRACKHEAD Hunter is free to do whatever the hell he wants


Anthony Smith at DEEP STATE RABBIT HOLE has this:

The latest report being that the FBI is exacting revenge against whistleblowers.

They are not being fired.

Instead, they are apparently having their clearances revoked or downgraded.

Block Them

Stephen Friend is one the most recent agents to have made a whistleblower complaint against the agency.

Jason Foster, a former Senate investigator and head of the Empower Oversight whistleblower group, is representing him.

Friend has apparently been sidelined after having his security clearance revoked.

This is the agent that came forward to reveal the unorthodox methods by which the FBI was investigating January 6 rioters.

Foster stated, “This is a common tactic that we have seen with the FBI.”

“They’re using it more and more, because they know that there’s less oversight and less scrutiny of a security clearance decision because of the nature of it.”

“It’s harder to do oversight and have any kind of independent scrutiny.”

“So rather than just suspending the person on a claim that they didn’t do their job, or that they engaged in some misconduct, they’ll simply suspend their clearance, which means that they can’t do the work that they would normally do, then they can take them off the payroll, take their badge and gun, sideline them, and then hope that, you know, they can just sort of grind them into compliance or get them to quit rather than continue to fight because they don’t have any money.”

The FBI is making it out that Friend has not being doing his job, even though he has a spotless record to this point.

The bureau responded, “While we cannot comment on the specifics of personnel matters, all FBI employees understand they are held to the highest standards because their work is critical to fulfilling our mission of protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution of the United States.

“Employees who don’t carry out their responsibilities are held accountable through an objective administrative process.

“FBI employees who report evidence of wrongdoing through a protected disclosure are protected from retaliation.

“Such reporting supports the FBI’s mission and is fully consistent with our core values.”

This is truly some deep state bullsh**.

We have huge problems here in Biden’s America and not only is the mainstream liberal media covering for his dementia and horrific job he’s doing but we now have an extremely politicized and weaponized DOJ and FBI who’s goal is to take down President Trump but to harass everyone who is not a far left radical.

These are dangerous times patriots.


God Bless.

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