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Swing State Supreme Court Rocks the Nation – Conservatives Land a Major Victory in West Virginia for Education

What’s Happening:

Ever since the 2020 pandemic, parents have grown to distrust government-run schools. They have pushed back against radical curricula and low standards. For that, Biden’s DOJ branded some of them “domestic terrorists.”

But the facts remain the same. American parents are eager for alternatives to public schools run by left-wing teachers’ unions. Democrats, though, will do anything to stop them and brainwash future generations.

A West Virginia circuit judge actually tried to kill a scholarship aimed at helping families, calling it “unconstitutional.” But the state Supreme Court thought otherwise.

From Fox News

The West Virginia Supreme Court overturned a circuit court’s decision to block a school choice program.

The West Virginia Supreme Court reversed a previous circuit court injunction on the Hope Scholarship Program, opening the door for families across the state to access flexible educational opportunities.

Back in July, Kanawha Circuit Judge Joanna Tabit shot down the scholarship program offering public money for private education, calling it unconstitutional.

Wow. Isn’t it odd that this one circuit judge decided a law passed by the state was unconstitutional? All because it took money from teachers’ unions and put it into parents’ hands?

Keep in mind, tax dollars that go to education are meant to serve parents and students, not teachers and failing government-run schools.

Why can’t parents take some of that money and send their kids to schools that work?

Americans from nearly every walk of life (liberal and conservative) love school choice. Because it gives them the chance to provide the best education for their children.

And it requires failing schools to get their acts together or they’ll lose funding.

But the corrupt teachers’ unions have held a monopoly over your children’s education for decades. And they refuse to give it up.

It’s no surprise that liberal judges–who side with the teachers’ unions–would undermine school choice.

The good news is, the highest authority in West Virginia upheld the scholarship. That means many WV children will be able to get the very best education.

And a corrupt cabal of do-nothing teachers gets nothing.

Key Takeaways:

  • The West Virginia Supreme Court upheld a school choice law.
  • A circuit court judge struck the law down, claiming it was unconstitutional.
  • Democrats have fought against school choice to protect their teachers’ unions.

Source: Fox News

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