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Biden’s DOJ Sued for Supreme Court Violation – They’re Accused of Ignoring Protests Outside the Homes of Judges

What’s Happening:

Biden’s DOJ does not have the best track record. Last year, it was outed when the attorney general appeared to target parents, calling them “domestic terrorists.”  And right now, many are critical of the DOJ’s questionable investigation against Donald Trump—and the raid on his home.

But that is only the start of this Department of Justice’s problems. Americans watched in horror as protestors targeted Supreme Court justices’ homes, in the wake of the Dobbs decision leak. Federal law prohibits protesting outside a judge’s home to sway a pending court decision.

The DOJ did nothing about those protests, even when justices’ lives were threatened.

So, a major group is taking the DOJ to court. From Fox News:

The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project sued the Department of Justice on Thursday for failing to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests for documents explaining why it ignored protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices in the wake of this year’s historic abortion ruling…

The group was seeking records that explained why the DOJ failed to enforce a federal law that protects Supreme Court justices from certain demonstrations at their private residences.

The initial request was ignored by the Biden administration, in violation of the FOIA statute, the group claimed in its lawsuit.

The Heritage Foundation has sued the DOJ over an apparent refusal to comply with the Freedom of Information Act.

FOIA requires government agencies to provide documents, when requested, to the public. But the Heritage Foundation is accusing Biden’s administration of ignoring requests for documentation regarding protests outside justices’ homes.

It is a violation of federal law to picket or protest outside a court or judge’s home, with the intent of coercing their decision on a case.

Few people doubt the protests from pro-abortion activists weren’t aimed at intimidating the justices into changing their vote. Many experts believe the draft opinion was leaked, with that very intention.

Yet the DOJ has apparently done nothing to investigate and possibly prosecute those protesters who were breaking the law. And requests from the Heritage Foundation for records explaining why have been ignored.

This could lead some to believe Biden’s attorney general ordered the DOJ not to prosecute these protesters–and is now trying to cover it up.

We can’t be sure–but many Americans are already outraged over this DOJ. Another failure to uphold our laws can’t help it.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Heritage Foundation has sued the DOJ over its refusal to comply with FOIA requests.
  • The group sought records explaining why the DOJ has not prosecuted protests who threatened Supreme Court justices.
  • Federal law forbids protests against courts and judges aimed at swaying court rulings.
  • The DOJ has refused to comply with these FOIA requests, with no explanation.

Source: Fox News

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