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Fetterman Loses It on Live TV – Days Before Election, The Senate Candidate Says He Want to Codify ‘Roe v. Roe’

What’s Happening:

Democrat candidate for Senate out of Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, has seen better days. He is officially behind his Republican rival, Mehmet Oz. His debate performance revealed to the world that he has not recovered from his stroke in the summer.

Fetterman claims his doctors cleared him to run, but has refused to release his records. He doesn’t even want his doctors to speak to the media. Hmm, I wonder why? But despite his denial, Fetterman continues to come unglued.

Here he is during an appearance recently.

Uh… what? Maybe you better pull that hoodie all the way. Hide your face as well as that growth on your neck. But he continued to run off the rails, when he vowed to protect abortion “rights.” This didn’t come out good.

Did he just say Roe v. Roe? Fetterman, come on. The jig is up. We all know you are not well. Nobody can just bounce back from a stroke. But all the evidence is piling up. We don’t need his doctors to tell us anything.

In the past, a candidate would have been honest and stepped down–after it became clear he was not fit to run. But Democrats have become so obsessed with holding onto their power, that they’d let an apparently sick man run for office.

They keep accusing Republicans of being “threats to democracy.” Really? I don’t see any Republicans propping up a man who suffered a stroke just months ago. I don’t see Republicans ignoring troubling signs that a candidate isn’t cognitively able to run.

Isn’t that a threat to our democracy? Running a sick man for the Senate?

Why doesn’t the media do its job and challenge this candidate? Why are we kept in the dark about his mental health? Are Democrats really so evil that they’d let an unwell man run for a powerful office?

Heck, they’ve already did once before. What’s one more cognitively impaired man in D.C.?

Key Takeaways:

  • John Fetterman continued to struggle during a live TV appearance.
  • He rambled as he tried to tell a story about football, trailing off into nothing.
  • Then, he vowed to codify “Roe v. Roe.”

Source: , YouTube

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