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Supreme Court Hears Critical Constitutional Case – It Looks Like They’re Going to Rule for 1st Amendment Rights

What’s Happening:

With each passing year, it seems the United States is becoming increasingly hostile to people of faith. Despite the fact that our First Amendment protects our freedom of religion, Democrats push laws that force Americans of faith to betray their own beliefs.

In the state of Colorado, a law demands religious persons to provide services for gay marriages, despite what they believe. Much like the new law passed by Congress, the state can punish religious Americans for defying their orders. The law is being challenged before the Supreme Court right now.

And this is the latest update.

From Reuters:

The U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority signaled sympathy on Monday toward an evangelical Christian web designer whose business refuses to provide services for same-sex marriages in a major case pitting LGBT rights against a claim that freedom of speech exempts artists from anti-discrimination laws.

The state of Colorado is claiming a Christian web designer is “discriminating” against gay couples when she refuses to work for them over her religious beliefs. This is the trend among Democrats (and even some Republicans). That, if you disagree with gay marriage because of your religion, you are a bigot and discriminator.

Never mind the fact that the First Amendment bans the government from passing laws that “prohibit the free exercise” of religion. Democrats (and some Republicans in the U.S. Senate) seem to believe that they can overrule the First Amendment in favor of the gay community.

The law has been brought before the Supreme Court. And the conservative justices appear to be siding with Smith, the businesswoman. Justice Alito suggested the law would force people to write speeches or “espouse things they loath.” Justice Thomas pushed back against the claim that Smith’s services are like “public accommodations” saying web design, “is not a hotel… or train.”

But the liberal justices do not seem to understand that this law attacks religious liberty. Obama-appointed Justice Sotomayor claimed that if Christians’ rights are protected it could lead to discrimination against interracial marriages or disabled people from getting married. She even foolishly claimed, “Where’s the line?”

The big problem with her claim is that the “line” is religious liberty. The First Amendment makes it very clear that the government cannot force someone to violate their religion. Case closed. There is no exception that allows Democrats to coddle gay couples.

The fact that Sotomayor suggests Christians wouldn’t do an interracial marriage or help disabled people get married shows you how low Democrats will go to slander Americans of faith. She is equating someone who believes marriage is only between a man and woman is the same as a racist or someone who discriminates against a disabled person (who the heck does that?).

But if the court rules in favor of Smith, it will shut down attempts by Democrats to force religious Americans to accept a practice they view as wrong. And it will strike a powerful blow against the left’s biggest scheme yet.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Supreme Court is hearing a case about a gay marriage law in Colorado.
  • The blue state forces religious Americans to support gay marriage.
  • The conservative justices appear to be leaning to side with the First Amendment.

Source: Reuters

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