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After Pete Buttigieg Suffers 2 Major Failures – Now the Rising Star Democrat’s Career Is in Serious Jeopardy

What’s Happening:

Most Americans will agree that Biden’s team is made up of losers. Most of the people he hired to run the country were political allies or people to whom he owed favors. Painfully few of them were qualified for the jobs they were given. And most of the country has suffered because of it.

But one staffer, in particular, wins the prize of Biggest Loser. He let the country down numerous times. In fact, he was MIA on several occasions, when critical problems were hurting Americans from coast to coast. It’s gotten so bad, that even his own party is turning on him.

From Just the News:

When he joined President Joe Biden’s Cabinet two years ago as transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg had the pedigree of a rising progressive star…

But today, his stewardship of the Transportation Department amid the twin 2022 crises of supply chain shortages and airline debacles has tarnished his once-rising star…

Prominent Democrat strategist Nina Turner even went so far as to suggest last week that Buttigieg was a “prime example of failing up.”


Pete Buttigieg was given a sweet job as head of the Department of Transportation. That was after he dropped out of the 2024 Democrat primaries, to help Joe Biden win. But the man whose mayoral administration was hammered with federal investigations was hardly a great leader at the DOT.

Clearly, Buttigieg thought it would be a cakewalk running the DOT. He’d just sit back and let the department run itself. Obviously, he wasn’t expecting to do actual work. That’s why he was out of the office as the supply chain broke down, with hundreds of cargo ships stuck at sea.

That’s why he was also out of the country, as a critical train dispute threatened to shut down our economy for good. And that’s why we failed to handle the massive airline cancelations over the Christmas holiday, even though he knew about it back in August.

Buttigieg is such a failure, that even leftists are turning on him. He was a prime candidate for the White House after Joe Biden. But not even his status as a member of the LGBT community is enough to save him. His pathetic failures have outraged even Democrats, as congressmen are calling him into question.

In reality, he should have been fired over a year ago. But Biden refuses, forcing us to ask just what is he thinking. Is Biden really running his administration or is he out to lunch as well?

Key Takeaways:

  • Pete Buttigieg’s failures have crushed his future prospects in politics.
  • His failure on the supply chain and massive airline cancelations have even enraged Democrats.
  • Had he been in a Republican administration, he would have long been fired.

Source: Just the News

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