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Whoopi Goldberg Heckled On Live TV, Gets Called ‘Old Broad’ By Audience Member On The View

Whoopi Goldberg got heckled by an audience member during the live broadcast of “The View” today. The co-hosts were taking their seats to the cheers of the audience when one woman decided to switch it up and started to heckle Goldberg.

“Yeah, okay. We’re glad to see y’all! We’re glad to see ya’ll. All right. Cool. Well, go on and have a seat. All right. All right,” Goldberg said before turning to the heckler who called her an ‘old broad.’

Whoopi said: “Did you just call me an old broad? Yeah? She said, ‘you old broad,’ and I was like, ‘hey, it’s Wednesday, and I am an old broad, and happy about it.” (See Video Below)

Co-host Sunny Hostin defended Whoopi saying it’s better to be an “old broad” than the alternative.

“The alternative is not attractive to any of us,” Goldberg said.

“We all want to be old broads and old dudes, you know?

The camera cut to a woman in a large fur hat who nodded that she did in fact heckle Whoopi.

Whoopi continued:

“Excuse me, ladies, ladies, excuse me. Let us do our job.

“We hear what you have to say, but you gotta go.

“Gotta go, you gotta let us do our job. You gotta let us do our job.”

Whoopi wrote a book recently called Two Old Broads. The Amazon page says:

“Written by renowned surgeon and expert on the art of aging, Dr. M.E. Hecht, with her friend Whoopi Goldberg lending her unique point of view, Two Old Broads is laugh out loud funny and tells it like it is for all of us who left middle-age in the dust and want to be present, positive, and as extraordinary as ever in our golden years.

“Whoopi joins Dr. Hecht in a lively conversation about growing older with no apologies. Dr. Hecht, who passed away a few short months prior to publication, shares her 93 years of wisdom with Whoopi and their fellow “broads.” Together, these two kindred spirits will help you:

Stay active physically and mentally

Make finalizing your will more rewarding than it sounds

Navigate tricky subjects, such as whether you need a home aide

Win friends and influence people or take a nap, depending on the day

Discover joy in relationships even when your excretions outweigh your secretions

Get up financially, physically, and emotionally after a fall

Keep a sense of humor about getting older (of course!)

Imminently practical and rooted firmly in the adage that getting older is not for sissies, Two Old Broads is the aging book for the ages.

You’ve survived the past; why not embrace the present and prepare for the future so you thrive and find more time to laugh along the way?


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