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Concealed Carry Holder Shoots Armed Robber On Chicago Train, Sends Him To Hospital

A concealed carry holder shot a would-be-armed robber in Chicago injuring the thug according to Chicago Police. The CPD said a concealed carry holder shot a man who had attempted to rob him on Friday afternoon while riding a CTA Green Line train.

The incident occurred in the 4700 block of West Lake Street around 4:43 p.m. local time. Police say a 33-year-old man pulled out a gun and attempted to rob the 25-year-old male victim.

But the victim had a concealed carry license and pulled out his gun and shot the felon. Police say the two exchanged gunfire but the thug missed while the victim’s aim was true. He shot the robber in the leg.

According to WGN:

“Chicago fire said the wounded man was taken to a nearby hospital in fair condition.

“While police pieced together what happened, shuttle buses temporarily replaced Green Line service between Harlem and Ashland, according to a CTA spokesperson.

“Service has since resumed.

“The victim possessed a valid FOID card and concealed carry license. The suspect has been taken into custody and charges are pending.”






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