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Republican Leader Fires Off Bold New Border Bill – Budd Wants to Spend $2.1 Billion to ‘Build the Wall Now’

The border crisis remains one of the biggest concerns of lawmakers and American citizens, and there are no indications that it’s improving.

Just last month, border authorities announced that 1.2 million illegal migrants “got away” while illegally crossing the border.

During the first 2 years of Biden’s term, border encounters have skyrocketed; 101,000 in Feb. 2021 to 251,000 in Dec. 2022.

But one Republican has had enough — and it’s time to restart wall construction.

Sen. Ted Budd (R-N.C.) introduced a new piece of legislation that would erase all the obstacles facing border wall construction.

It would spend $2.1 billion to get the wall done: and most notably, all that money is currently unspent.

It was originally earmarked for border security but the Biden administration has refused to spend it on that, and threw up roadblocks to keep it from happening.

But Budd’s bill would change all that (from Fox News):

Dubbed the Build the Wall Now Act, the legislation is the first measure to be introduced by Budd since he took office in January and aims to remove ‘legal impediments’ preventing border wall construction.

This is a hugely ambitious bill, which demands immediate action.

If it passes, it means border wall construction would have to restart in under 24 hours, and Homeland Security can’t cancel any contracts related to the wall.

On top of that, the government must uphold “all negotiated border wall agreements.”

Said Rep. Budd:

President Biden has created the worst border crisis in American history.

Instead of taking steps to solve this crisis, the Biden administration has tried to run out the regulatory clock on border wall construction.

My Build the Wall Now Act ends this administration’s excuses and forces them to restart wall construction immediately.

In terms of funding, the legislation says all funds set for the border wall will be available until spent, and cannot expire.

It’s also a throwback to President Donald Trump’s policies when he was in office, as the bill codifies the Trump admin’s waivers to speed up wall construction.

The bill has gained the support of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), and co-sponsors include multiple GOP Senators like Texas’ Ted Cruz.

Of course, the law would need every Republican in the Senate to be on board, and at least a few Democrats.

Currently, Democrats hold sway in the chamber by two seats, which is why such bills need some bipartisan support to pass through.

But it proves that Republicans will continue to make strong moves to deal with the nation’s #1 humanitarian crisis.

Key Takeaways:

  • Republican Sen. Ted Budd (R-N.C.) introduced a new “Build the Wall Now Act.”
  • It unlocks a total of $2.1B originally earmarked for the wall, forces the gov’t to uphold all wall contracts, and adopts Trump-era policies.
  • If it passes, it would force wall construction to restart in less than 24 hours.

Source: Fox News

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