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Jen Psaki Puts Chuck Todd On Notice, Lands New Weekend Show At MSNBC

Jen Psaki put embattled NBC host Chuck Todd on notice by getting a new weekly show on MSNBC.

“Inside With Jen Psaki” will air Sundays at noon and is going after the same audience as “Meet the Press” and “Face the Nation.”

Psaki said: “I am not going on television to be a mouthpiece.

“I’m very conscious of the fact that people know who I am because I was standing behind a podium speaking on behalf of Joe Biden.

“I am not going to gratuitously attack him, nor am I going to gratuitously applaud him.

“If he deserves applause, I will applaud him.

“If he deserves critique, I will critique him.

“I certainly was critical of the way things were handled around the sharing of information about the documents.

“At the same time, there can be a tendency to make it into a five-alarm fire — like, everything is a disaster.

“My tendency is to provide context when needed.

George Stephanopoulos moved from Bill Clinton’s White House to ABC News said:

“As an analyst, the thing I told myself was, ‘How do you maintain your integrity and do your job?’”

“For me it was, it was appropriate to say on the air what I would say in a meeting. Sometimes that could be critical: If the president took an action that I would have argued against in the meeting, I’d have no problem making that point.”

“The balancing act is, how are you consistent with your past work and your past beliefs, and still constructive for the audience.”


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