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FBI Employees Caught in Eye-Opening Scandal – But the Agency’s Reaction is Even Worse

What’s Happening:

As if you didn’t have enough reason to distrust the FBI. For years, we’ve seen the highest law enforcement agency in the land abuse its power–over politics. The FBI has been outed in numerous scandals, all aimed at helping Democrats win elections or maintain its power.

Perhaps the most shocking was when the agency refused to investigate Hunter Biden, knowing it would turn Joe Biden’s chances in 2020. If that’s not election interference, I don’t know what is. But now, a new report reveals just how poorly this agency is being run. Workers have been caught doing the unthinkable. Guess how their bosses responded?

From Just the News:

Scores of FBI employees have been caught over the last five years engaging in unethical and illegal conduct such as driving drunk, stealing property, assaulting a child, mishandling classified documents, and losing their service weapons — but they often escaped being fired, according to internal disciplinary files provided to Just The News.

One agent left a highly lethal M4 carbine unsecured in his government car during a Starbucks run and had the weapon stolen, but even he received only a two-week suspension despite violating the bureau’s protocols for weapons storage, the records show.

This is really beyond the pale. A new report reveals that numerous FBI employees have been caught doing bad and, in some cases, illegal conduct. Some have violated many agency rules and even laws. Yet they were not fired or punished.

One agent stupidly ignored agency protocols to leave a rifle under the seat of his car. The vehicle had a lock box in the trunk. He was required to secure it in there. Instead, he left it out while he was getting coffee.

Someone broke into the car and stole the rifle. The man was not fired.

In other cases, agents were caught having affairs with prison inmates. Others were exposed for sexual misconduct. While some of these agents were fired, it does not appear charges were filed, despite the possibility of criminal behavior.

Others were caught drunk driving, but not fired. Some assaulted children. Not only were many of these culprits not fired, but reports were even being filed out of concerns that these employees would be “shamed.”

Excuse me? An FBI employee is caught drunk driving and they’re worried about shame? Sorry, folks, but when someone breaks the law and endangers others, they should feel ashamed.

All this has been going on the same time the FBI has abused its power to help Democrats. The agency neglected law and order to push politics. Perhaps we should fire everyone in the FBI? Start fresh?

Key Takeaways:

  • A new report exposes numerous FBI workers for unethical or illegal behavior.
  • In many cases, these employees were not fired or even reported about.
  • The offenses included losing weapons, drunk driving, and even sexual misconduct.

Source: Just the News

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