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He Just Confessed… Trump Was SET UP

I’ve never been a fan of Kanye West but I’ll admit it was cool to see him in a MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hat.

Libs freaked out! 😂

But the dude has some serious mental problems.

He’s a freaking mess.

Look, the dude went off on anti-Semitic tirades on Twitter and praised Hitler and Nazi’s.

So any creds he had with me went down the drain.

Right from the outset of the Ye meeting with Trump, I called a setup.

When I heard Nick Fuentes had tagged along, I stated that I was baffled why Ye would do Trump like that, especially considering that Trump had always been so nice to him.

It has now been confirmed that Fuentes was brought there to do damage to Trump.

The Architect

The idea came from Milo Yiannopoulos.

He confirmed to NBC News that he brought Fuentes there to make Trump’s life “miserable.”

He “wanted to show Trump the kind of talent that he’s missing out on by allowing his terrible handlers to dictate who he can and can’t hang out with.”

Yiannopoulos continued, “I also wanted to send a message to Trump that he has systematically repeatedly neglected, ignored, abused the people who love him the most, the people who put him in office, and that kind of behavior comes back to bite you in the end.”

Trump reportedly had a massive meltdown after Ye left and Trump realized who Fuentes was.

NBC News reported that Trump said, “He tried to fu** me, he’s crazy. He can’t beat me.”

Regarding Fuentes’ presence, a source told the outlet, “Trump was totally blindsided, it was a setup.”

It still does not explain how Trump did not figure out who Fuentes was before he sat down for dinner, but at least we were able to confirm our suspicions.

So it’s a huge deal with the State owned Communist TV networks and their sheeple but look who the Democrats are.

Racist, anti American, anti law enforcement, anti-Semitists, Communist scumbags.

Screw liberals.

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