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Hunter Biden Goes into Panic Mode – His Lawyers Just Raced to Powwow with the Justice Department

Joe Biden has managed to hide his son’s sins for many years. But in recent days, developments have come to light that are giving Hunter Biden a hard time. Republicans in the House are leading investigations that are putting the screws on the Biden family. And an ongoing investigation into Hunter’s tax evasion is dragging on.

We’ve been waiting for information on this case for a long time. A whistleblower recently revealed that Hunter was getting special treatment. The entire case might be undermined, thanks to the corruption within Washington. But things might be heating up for old Hunter. Because his lawyers just circled the wagons.

From CNN:

Lawyers for Hunter Biden met with Justice Department officials on Wednesday to discuss the long-running criminal investigation into the president’s son.

Hunter Biden’s longtime attorney Chris Clark, along with several other attorneys, were spotted by CNN heading into Justice Department headquarters early Wednesday.

What do we have here? Things might be getting worse for Hunter, over this IRS case. Because his lawyers were seen going to the DOJ for a meeting. It’s unclear what was discussed, but in attendance were the DOJ’s tax division as well as officials from Delaware’s U.S. attorney’s office.

Hunter has been accused of various business-related crimes. This one investigation involves possible lies he made to the federal government about his investments. Many people believe China has been controlling Joe Biden for years, by paying off his son.

Recently, House Republicans have blown the lid off of the Biden family. They examined bank records for the Bidens, revealing that China has been giving money to a number of them.

It’s safe to say many Americans want justice done. For so many years, we’ve heard about powerful Democrats getting away with all kinds of things. From the Clintons to the Obamas, Americans are getting sick of high-level Democrats and their families getting rich off of the government.

We can’t predict how this investigation will end. But we can say that all this controversy surrounding Hunter is no good for Joe. He is running for re-election, as his son’s many sins come pouring out on a daily basis.

That’s the last thing crooked old Joe wanted.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hunter Biden’s lawyers met with the DOJ this week.
  • The closed-door meeting included DOJ tax officials and members of the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office.
  • Joe Biden’s son is being investigated for business-related crimes.

Source: CNN

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