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Hillary Clinton Panics Over Donald Trump, Lies Through Her Teeth To Try To Stop Him

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in a panic over former President Donald Trump’s lead in the GOP polls and she lied through her teeth to try to stop him. Hillary said Trump “manipulated social media and also some so-called mainstream media” to forge an unbreakable connection to his base.

But that is a lie because the media knew exactly who Trump was, as did people like the Clintons who sucked up to Trump to get donations.

He did not manipulate them, they used him for clicks, ratings, and dollars. It wasn’t until he ran to fix the mess people like the Clintons made of this country that the media and Bill and Hillary turned on him.

The Clintons, the media, social media, and all the rest of the phonies are getting exactly what they deserve. Joe Biden is violating the Constitution every single day with his open border policies and his attempts to censor American citizen’s speech. Biden just got slapped down by an Appellate court over his censorship but he will probably ignore the court as he did with his student loan forgiveness.

The Supreme Court ruled against him in the loan case but he did it anyway. If anyone is undermining the rule of law it is Joe Biden.

Hillary said Biden must be reelected because “The alternative is so dark and dystopian. He wants to undermine the rule of law, to destroy our institutions, to pull us out of NATO, do Putin’s bidding, to be unwilling to stand up for the real American values, to put one person above the country.

“None of that is American.

“So, I think that Biden/Harris deserves to be reelected. I think we have to reelect them given what the alternative is.

“A big part of the Republican base feels a connection to Trump.

“I still believe sitting here today he will be their nominee, no matter how hard others may try to distinguish themselves.

“I think it’s a very sad commentary on what people are looking for in a leader, because everything that he allegedly stands for is at odds with so much of what has made this country work for a long time.

“It’s the emotional, psychological, cultural connection to someone who really has unfortunately manipulated social media and also some so-called mainstream media in a way that people believe what he says to them.

“That’s hard to break.

“It is like being in a cult almost.

“So, I know the Republicans running against him are trying very hard.

“I don’t think they are going to be successful, given where we are.

“So then I think it is imperative on the country to once again defeat Trump and elect Biden.”

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