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Mitt Romney Strikes Again, May Scuttle Biden, Burisma Subpoena’s And Derail Senate GOP Investigation

CNN’s Congressional reporter Manu Raju cornered Mitt Romney today and got the story that Mitt may stab Trump in the back yet again.. Manu wrote:

“Mitt Romney, a member of Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, told me of Chairman Ron Johnson’s Burisma probe: “There’s no question but the appearance of looking at Burisma appears political. And I think people are tired of these kind of political investigations”

Romney: “I would hope that there’s something of significance that needs to be evaluated that would be done perhaps the FBI or some other agency, although it’s not as political as perhaps a committee of our of our body.

Romney added: “We also have a lot of work to do on matters that are not related to Burisma. We probably ought to focus on those things.”

Romney said he would talk to Johnson about whether to support a subpoena to a consultant tied to Burisma.

As we reported yesterday, Romney’s vote is crucial because if he votes against it, it would scuttle subpoena. Vote is next Wednesday.”

From The Hill:

Johnson sent a letter to members of his committee on Sunday saying that it is his “intention to schedule a business meeting to consider a committee subpoena” of a former consultant for Blue Star Strategies, which Johnson noted worked as a U.S. representative for Burisma.

“As part of the committee’s ongoing investigation, it has received U.S. government records indicating that Blue Star sought to leverage Hunter Biden’s role as a board member of Burisma to gain access to, and potentially influence matters at, the State Department,” Johnson wrote in the letter to committee members.


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