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Colorado Public School Requires Girls to Wear Islamic Coverings Head-to-Toe

Douglas County School District is taking some of our Colorado 7th grade students to visit an Islamic mosque on Tuesday 1/13/2015 to “provide an authentic learning experience,” and it is requiring the female students to respect the female-hating dress code of its Islamic hosts. My friend Pamela Gellar unveiled this story first here. As World Net Daily reports, a note was sent home to parents:

The note sent to families, according to a report from Islam expert and commentator Pamela Geller, said: “The world religions field trip is next Tuesday, January 13. We will be visiting the Denver Mosque, the Assumption Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and the Rodef-Shalom Synagogue. We will then eat lunch at Park Meadows Food Court. Students must either bring a sack lunch or money to purchase lunch at the food court.”

It continued: “THERE IS A DRESS CODE FOR THIS TRIP: All students must wear appropriate long pants. Ankles must be covered. Girls must bring wide scarves or hooded sweatshirts for the mosque.”

The Douglas County School District issued a statement online confirming the dress code requirement, stating:

RHMS seventh-grade students take a social studies course that is partially focused on world religion. In the Douglas County School District (DCSD), we provide authentic learning experiences to all students. … our students and families are offered the choice to participate in the field trip – it is not mandatory.

Students … are expected to respect the dress code of the host facility …. Information shared with RHMS parents stated: “All students must wear appropriate long pants. Ankles must be covered. Girls must bring wide scarves or hooded sweatshirts for the mosque.”

DCSD provides an optional field trip to further support the world religion course, thus allowing students who choose to participate to discuss what they experienced on the field trip with their family members and eventually leading to the development of their own views.

Let’s hope that as part of the “authentic learning experience,” and so that these students “may develop their own views,” the DCSD also teaches these students exactly why the girls in attendance must cover from head to toe. That under Islamic law, girls and women are viewed as a little higher than camels but always lower than men because of the “evil” inside them, as a commodity to be traded as sex slaves, who are publicly stoned to death and even decapitated for looking at men or exposing more than their eyes and hands, and are married off to men and raped to death by them at ages as young as six, eight, and nine (see here, here, here for more). Moreover, I wonder if the DCSD will explain to these students that if their “hosts” had their way, these girls would be taken to a back room where some “cutters” could quickly mutilate their genitals.

This is another stark example of the left’s active, enforced multiculturalism and politically correct narrative embedding itself into the minds of our youths in the hopelessly failing government-run schools. The intended outcome is to progressively dumb-down and fundamentally transform America into compliant subjects of the state, and in this case the Islamic state. Likewise, anti-Western stunts guised as “learning experiences” such as this one practically guarantee that our students conform to politically correct lives while holding cowardly convictions so that American law eventually and always gives way to Islamic law.

If you object to a public school requiring girls to cover head-to-toe for the benefit of Islam, please contact Douglas County School Districts to respectfully make your voice heard:

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