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Psychiatric Community Agrees:’Pelosi Is Mentally Ill’

The Association of Psychiatric Evaluation recently put together a group of 50 psychiatrists of great credential for a project. The group was assembled to evaluate the mental health of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, using observation of her mannerisms, body language, and speech patterns.

APE’s process was designed so that a majority conclusion could bs reached without bias or influence from the others in the room. The doctors watched hundreds of hours of footage of Mrs Pelosi in various situations, looking for patterns in order to create a psychological profile. They then individually drew up their conclusions about her mental state, including any diagnoses of already defined conditions recognized by the American Psychiatric Institute. These were collected and conclusions were drawn from the similarities found from all. Only then was each member allowed to share their findings with the others.

What they found was startling, though not entirely unexpected. The decision of 89% was that Pelosi suffers from a classic ‘God complex’, a condition resulting from narcissism and minor league sociopathy. Those under the influence of this frame of mind are of the impression that they are the wisest among us and are better than the rest. In her position, this would have Pelosi holding the belief that only she can govern, that only she has the knowledge to guide the country into the future. Negotiations would be impossible with such a person, data and advice from professionals irrelevant. “Nobody knows this better than I,” is what she would think as she dismissed information from others. Her mind could not be changed on issues as her knowledge alone would be deemed sufficient

It was recommended that a more formal, in-person evaluation be conducted to solidify their findings but to a man they were confident with their recommendation that she be removed from office due to mental instability

These results are being forwarded to the White House for review. We will see what happens next.

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